donderdag 19 maart 2009

EA UK: Sims 3 hands-on - day 1

De engelse Electronic Arts site heeft leden van hun forum de mogelijkheid gegeven om vragen over Sims 3 te stellen en die zijn beantwoord.

Vandaag is Sims 3 hands-on - day 1 online gezet: een flinke lap tekst maar met veel leuke informatie over Sims 3.
- In the open neighbourhood is it really possible to go up to houses whose occupants you don't know and look in through their windows?

It is kind of possible. If the house is empty you can go right up to it but if it is occupied then anywhere within the lot grid you get the option to visit that family. You could maybe spy on them through a side window that is close to the edge of the lot.

- How do the parties work? Are there any new parties to plan?

Parties seem easier to make a success than in The Sims 2. You can hold them at home or hire a public area to hold them in. I held one at home and one at the beach and both went well with limited input from the party host. You can also choose what time you wish the party to start and what the dress code should be.

At the times that I chose to throw these parties there were no additional options as to what kind of party they should be but they did not coincide with any milestones so this could be why.

- How do you switch between families?

You can change the family that you are playing by using the Active Household button. In the information screens it does say that if you elect to change the playable family then your current ones will have their wishes and opportunities removed. Then those Sims will continue to age and live as normal while you are playing the new family

Ik denk dat er later meer online komt dus hou dit Sims 3 Nieuws blog in de gaten.

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