dinsdag 12 mei 2009

Nieuwe linkpartners

Vandaag ook weer nieuwe linkpartners: Vise Sims en Sims 3 Universe, beide sites zijn een bezoekje waard.

4 reacties:

Anoniem,  12 mei 2009 om 09:24  

Hiki, interested in some free advertising on my site?

Hiki 12 mei 2009 om 09:43  

That top 100 site? For now we are slowing down a bit with some things: preparing Sneak Preview and working on a big other project.

So maybe later?

Anoniem,  12 mei 2009 om 12:34  

No, not the topsites. I have 143x73 fansite ads in my sidebar =) Want one?

Anoniem,  12 mei 2009 om 22:35  

So, you want it? BTW, can you also unblock me on Twitter. No need to follow me, I want to follow you =)

See, i'm really trying to be nice

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