maandag 11 mei 2009

Sims 3 review van Wofitz

Een van de Sim fans die afgelopen maandag in Engeland de Sims 3 mocht spelen is Wofitz, haar review vindt je op deze pagina op het Garden of Shadows forum.
To me playing sims 3 seemed a little bit different to sims 2. If you’re looking at it from the basic sim needs stand point at least, the sims needs don’t have the same kind of weight they do in sims 3. They still factor their mood however it’s now been expanded so, so much more. Their environment, work, people around them, what they’ve just done, their physical state effects their mood A LOT more. Such as sitting on a comfy chair gives them a boost, a dirty toilet gives them a minus (of the ones I played, I assume if they have dirty traits they wouldn’t care), leaving out a soiled dish, going to the spa and when my sim was pregnant she had a ‘pregnancy glow’ which boosted her mood.

Mood boosts usually last a few sim hours from what I saw. Going to the spa gave her a boost, having a kid. It told you when she felt nauseous and I thought that was really awesome. A picture of this can be seen here That is something I loved about it. It did bring a different kind of play to it because it’s a lot less “Oh they need to wee, need to eat, need to sleep” you know? They interact with their environment a lot more. My fave was probably when she got a new car and one of the mood boosts was the ‘new car smell’ which she liked. Oh, she also had back ache when she was pregnant.

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