woensdag 3 juni 2009

EA: defragmenteer voor je Sims 3 installeert

Als je Sims 3 als digitale download hebt gekocht op de EA Store dan raad EA je aan om de download NIET op pauze te zetten maar alles in 1 keer te downloaden, dat zou een 'cyclic redundancy check error' kunnen veroorzaken.

Verder raad Sim Guru BGY 11 aan om je computer voor het installeren van Sims 3, volgens mij ook als je Sims 3 op DVD hebt, je computer te defragmenteren: 'Fragmented hard disk space can cause this error'.

Je kunt de post van Sim Guru BGY 11 op het Amerikaanse Sims 3 forum met wat tips en oplossingen voor de error lezen in de 'lees meer'.

Hi, simmers!

If you are experiencing a cyclic redundancy check error, we'd like you to do the following so we can keep the number of threads on that issue to a minimum:

*Run the Windows Defragmenter software on your system. Fragmented hard disk space can cause this error.

*CRC errors may also be caused by a hard disk or DVD drive failing or being unable to write consistent data.

If you have run the Defragmenter software and are continuing to experience this error, please contact your system's manufacturer for further diagnostics.

It appears that in some cases, users that are using the EA download Manager version of The Sims 3 may experience this error if their download is paused. To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

*Log in to the EADM.
*Click on the red x in the upper right part of the Sims 3 download to clear the EADM cache.
*Re-download The Sims 3; do not pause the download.

We understand that this has become a very frustrating issue for many simmers that are eager to play the game, and as more information or solutions become available, we will post them here in the Support forum. Thank you all for your patience!


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