zondag 14 juni 2009

Fansite Q&A op Engelse Sims 3 site

Op de Engelse Sims 3 site is men begonnen met het interviewen van Sims 3 fansite, de eerste die is geinterviewd is The Sims 3 Website.

Het interview vindt je op deze pagina.

2 reacties:

Anoniem,  14 juni 2009 om 22:06  

Don't want to critize!

1) It's not on the American site, it's on the British site.

2) You should credit twitter ConnorJack for finding it.

PS: Can't wait for new site!

Hiki 15 juni 2009 om 06:43  

Thanks i changed it and I got an email with the link to the page.

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