woensdag 24 juni 2009

Sims 3 guide op 1UP: updated

1UP heeft de laatste delen online gezet van hun uitgebreide Sims 3 guide, dit keer over de eerste 5 dagen van 3 huishoudens in Sims 3: Retronauts, FAQ You en DRNUK HOWSE.

De nieuwe delen beginnen op deze pagina van 1UP.
* Garnett and Tina want to the best most popular Sims ever
* Sam is trying to become a CEO of a mega-corporation
* Kat wants to be a Creature/Robot cross-breeder
* Alan wants to be a chess master, and maybe meet someone special on the side
* Ray, Mike Nelson, and Jeremy want to become illustrious authors. Sharkey wants to be an evil illustrious author.

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