dinsdag 16 juni 2009

TSR Workshop: problemen met compressie

Het lijkt erop dat de beta versie van de patterns plugin van TSR Workshop een erg vervelende bug heeft.
Problem with compression

We have discovered a problem with the compression which was introduced with the updated version of Sims 3 Workshop. This causes a random error within the sims3package file under certain circumstances (not for everyone). We are working on a fix and will release an update tomorrow. For those effected you will be able to edit your published creations and update them with a new file starting tomorrow once the fixed version is out. For those still using the first version you will not need to update your creations (but we recommend you grab the new version anyway to stay on par with everyone else and to get the latest features).

We are truly sorry for this inconvenience - but keep in mind this is still a beta and we are all testing new waters here. More updates to follow tomorrow.

TSR Workshop belooft snel een versie online te zetten die bug vrij is, meer over de TSR Workshop vindt je in deze blogberichten.

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